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Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 5: Meditation

Can you and your kids use a peaceful breathing moment? In this episode of Jennifer’s Musical Gems, we go to the forest with my little red bird, meditate with tibetan bells and listen to the sounds of nature. Even a few seconds of quiet can be so calming and centering for us all. Keep an eye out for the squirrel who seems to love the sound of the bells!

Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 4: Curiosity

In this episode we explore curiosity through books! I present my own book – Blue and Red Make Purple – a Musical Journey with Jennifer Gasoi and play some of the music that accompanies the book. I also sing an original song called “I Love To Read” which reminds us how amazing books are to inspire and discover new ideas.

Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 3: Imagination

Today’s gem is: Imagination!  In this episode I talk about the power of imagination and how it can spark ideas and creativity.  I also have a lot of fun with adding sound effects and using simple green screen effects to create flying hearts!  I learned “Lollipop Tree” by Burle Ives in Grade 3 with my music teacher.  I have never forgotten this song and am excited to share it with you!

Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 2: Winter

Today’s gem is: Winter! This episode is all about the beauty and fun of winter. I wrote a song called “Snowflakes and Cupcakes” that was inspired by living in Montreal for so many years!  It’s not always easy to live in such a cold climate… but when we tap into the beauty of it, it really can be magical. And how doesn’t love cupcakes and hot chocolate?  !!!!

Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 1: Love

This youtube video series created by Grammy® award-winning musician Jennifer Gasoi, offers music and mindfulness “gems” for kids, parents and anyone looking for a little sparkle in their day. The focus is on empowerment, inspiration, imagination and sparking our inner light. Enjoy!

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