Jennifer’s Musical Gems – Episode 2: Winter

Today’s gem is: Winter! This episode is all about the beauty and fun of winter. I wrote a song called “Snowflakes and Cupcakes” that was inspired by living in Montreal for so many years!  It’s not always easy to live in such a cold climate… but when we tap into the beauty of it, it really can be magical. And how doesn’t love cupcakes and hot chocolate?  !!!!

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Jennifer Gasoi presents… Jennifer Gasoi! (How to produce a show without a production team)


Close to 300 tickets sold, media coverage, CBC radio play, people buzzing about how excited their kids are to come see the show, and my parents getting ready to board a plane from Vancouver to be there routing me on…  this show is really happening!  I have fans coming  from Toronto , Ottawa, and even Kim, one of my best friends from the age of 2 is taking a flight from Rossland BC to cheer me on.  Words can’t begin to describe how I’m feeling.

It was just a few months ago when I finally finished the CD that I realized I had another HUGE mountain to climb.  I had a show to produce!  So I had to ask the question… how do you produce a show without a production team? Continue reading

Falling in love with the Rialto Theatre

In October 2010 I saw Fred Penner perform at the Rialto Theatre. I knew the moment I stepped into the theatre that day that that was where I wanted to have my CD launch.

At that point, the project was just a thought… just a dream.  Yet it was also the beginning of something wonderful to come.  Continue reading

Let go and Trust – Artwork for the New Album

I remember when I recorded my first album in 2003, one of the most challenging parts of the project was figuring out the art, concept and graphic design.  This time around I was very clear that I wanted the album art to reflect the magic within the songs.  I also wanted a cover that appealed to both kids and adults, as I feel this album may go beyond the realm of children’s music. Continue reading

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