I feel like I’m simply a channel, allowing the music to come through me.

I started writing songs at around the age of 12 and I’ve been writing music ever since.  I still remember getting my first 4 track, plugging in the microphone, pressing record, and being so blown away when I heard my voice in the headphones.  I have hundreds of songs, riffs and song ideas that were recorded on my 4-track, some of which have made it to the new album.  I now use garageband on my mac to record and do pre-production and although the method of recording has changed, the process of writing remains the same.  I get the inspiration to sit down at the piano, ukulele or guitar and I write.  Sometimes it’s more of a struggle than other times, but most of the time I feel like I’m simply a channel, allowing the music to come through me.

I write all kind of songs, for all ages, about all kinds of topics.  Even though this new album is technically for children, the songs are universal and have messages that  resonate with people of all ages. These messages range from living in the moment (“I’m a Bubble”), to appreciating small pleasures (“It’s the Little Things”), believing in your dreams (“Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well”) to pure, unbridled joy (“Happy!”) There are several tunes on the CD which are more contemplative and meditative including “Little Boat”, a song about navigating through life’s challenges, and “Red Balloon” a song about being mindful of the thoughts and intentions you put out into the world.

The songs for the new album were all written between 2002 and 2011.  Most of them were written in the last few years.  Songs are like seeds.  You can’t force them to grow before they’re ready.  So 18 seeds have grown into 18 songs and there are many more that haven’t quite bloomed yet.  But PLEASE don’t ask me when my next CD is coming out for at least another 5 years!!!


Thanks for reading.

Jennifer xo

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