Finding the Recording Studio

One of the most important parts of recording an album is finding the right studio.  I had recorded at Studio Piccolo back in 2003 when I recorded my first album “Songs for You” and had had an amazing experience.  It happens to be the studio where Celine Dion has recorded many of her albums.  However, I felt that it might be a good idea to try something new and research other options for recording my second album.   After all, it was 8 years later, the business had changed, and there were many more studios to choose from.

I checked out about 5 studios in Montreal.  I had to figure out what my priorities were because they were all excellent studios.  After much research, contemplation and sleepless nights (there have been many during this process!) I decided to go back to Studio Piccolo.  One of the main reasons why I went back was because of the engineer who works there- Pierre Messier.  We had had so much fun the first time around, he was a pleasure to work with, and his work ethic was impeccable.  So I crossed my fingers that the magic would still be there 8 years later… and it was!

I felt totally supported and inspired while recording the album at Studio Piccolo, and I think the passion and inspiration comes through in the music.

Throughout this whole process I have been very clear about working with people who I admire and respect.  I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to record with Pierre again in such a beautiful studio.

More posts to come…

Jennifer xo

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