The Power of Presence

It’s sunny in Montreal today.  There’s a beautiful, almost tropical breeze blowing and I am feeling peaceful and present. I am grateful for this.  There have been so many times during the past year when I have said “I just want the CD in my hands already!” or “I just want to know which musicians will be playing on the album” or “I wish I knew who would be designing the album cover” and the list goes on and on.  However, through the whole experience, I have had the intention of staying present and embracing the journey, as opposed to always looking ahead toward “the goal.”  This has been one of my saving graces- accepting the moment no matter what is going on.  Even if it’s not always easy or peaceful, even if it doesn’t always make sense, there is always a gift waiting in the moment.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a beautiful moment!

Jennifer xo

p.s. I took this photo a few months ago.  The sky is so majestic.  I feel present and a presence when I look at it.

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