Eric Bibb – Anything is Possible

One of the songs on the new album is called “Hey there Joe.”  It’s an exchange between myself and Joe, a wise soul who is has great reverence for the earth.  He exemplifies the qualities of trust, patience, and wisdom.  I knew I needed singer who could embody this character and who actually possessed these traits himself.

I first heard Eric Bibb’s voice on a song called “Just Keep Goin’ On” from a Putumayo compilation, and I was so drawn to his sound.  He also happens to be a Grammy nominated blues artist.  I thought of contacting him, but I wasn’t sure how I would find him, let alone if he’d be interested in singing on my album.  I managed to track down his manager, and after a few emails and a skype session from Finland, he agreed to do the session.  The problem was he was in Finland and I was in Montreal!

Call it divine timing, a stroke of luck, or synchronicity,  but he happened to be playing one show in Vancouver, with his father Leon Bibb, in a few weeks time.  Since I’m from Vancouver, I knew of a studio there where we could do the recording session.  I booked a flight, caught his show, and met him at the studio the next morning.  It was so surreal.  We had a blast and he LOVED the music!  What an honour to sing with Eric and have such great feedback from him.

After we finished the recording session, I asked if we could jam a little to “This Little Light of Mine.”  I’m filming this video with my camera and singing harmonies at the same time.  I hope you enjoy it!

Now I know that anything is possible when you set your mind and heart to it.

Jennifer xo


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