Activites for Kids – Happy happy Audra, Jenna and Darren!

For the past 10 years I’ve been teaching mom/baby music classes in Montreal.  It is so much fun and I absolutely adore the kids and moms.  Jenna and Audra are two sisters who I taught music to as babies.  At the age of one, Audra already had a talent for singing melodies and lyrics.  And Jenna loves to sing too.  I thought it would be so amazing to have some little voices on my CD.

Jenna and Audra’s mom (Bonnie) said they’d love to sing on the album and on a Saturday morning in November 2011, the whole family arrived at the studio ready to record.  Jenna entered the booth first and did a great job.  (You can see her singing in the video below.)  To my surprise, their father Darren had a great voice and was game to sing some backups. (see the second video below) Audra is the cutie eating snacks and lighting up the room with her smile.

Audra was third in the booth and she was hilarious.  Audra had been practicing for weeks, but when she actually got in the booth, she just wanted to bounce around, eat snacks and tell me stories about the ducks in the pond.  I don’t blame her!  After all she’s only 2.  Just when we were about to give up, she got a second wind (perhaps it had something to do with the lollipop waiting in the wings) and she nailed it!  It was absolutely amazing.  Audra’s little solo is featured on the song “Happy!”

What a gift to have some of my little friends on the album. They add so much heart and joy to the music!



Jennifer xo

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