Where Do I Start?

Jennifer Gasoi

Where do I start?  Where is the beginning and where is the end?  I am 10 days away from the CD launch and I feel such a rush of exhilaration, nervousness, elation, and excitement.  I feel like I’m living the exact life I was meant to live.  So many layers have fallen away, and what I’m left with is my center, my heart, the core of why I’m here.  This is the best feeling in the world.  Since I was very young I knew I had a purpose here.  I knew there was more than just what I saw in the physical world.  And all the inner knowing, is finally being expressed through this CD and launch show. 

I can’t begin to describe how much work it has taken to get to this very moment.  How many sleepless nights, how many moments of pure triumph, and then the moments of heartbreak and deep challenges.  Through the years I’ve learned how to weather the good and bad and keep my feet planted on the earth so that no matter what comes my way, I know that it will be ok.  It will pass.  As long as I keep coming back to my vision and purpose.

First there was the making of the CD.  Visioning the project, writing a business plan, securing the funding, lining up the musicians (and coordinating them for rehearsals and the recording… no small feat!) writing, choosing and arranging the songs, performing while directing and producing in studio, sourcing out  an artist for the cover, finding the right graphic designer, working tirelessly to get the penny on the cover in just the right position, at just the right angle, in just the right colour and with the perfect sparkle!   Mixing and mastering 18 songs with 18 musicians, with sometimes 50 vocal tracks to choose from… you can imagine the energy it took!

And through it all, I had to make sure sure that everyone on the project resonated with the vision so that every piece was coming from a place of love and integrity.

So after 10 months of intense work on the album, I fed-exed the master CD and artwork to the printer and completed this leg of the race.  That was August 8, 2012.  Of course I spent several more sleepless nights contemplating whether I could still make some changes, call the printer, and stop production.  Call the mastering guy in Toronto and make some final changes on the master… Thank-god I just let it go and kept on moving.  Because after 10 months of tireless work, I now had A SHOW TO PRODUCE!!!  OMG, there must be a force greater than me helping me along because it was just too much for one person to handle.

And yet somehow, here I am.  Still typing.  Still breathing.  Still full of energy and passion.  And ready to put on an amazing show!!!

Stay tuned for the next post (on Thursday) where I share about the production of the show…(Click here to read the next post)


Jennifer xo

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