New CD

Montreal Children’s Library – My show at the Montreal Pepsi Forum!

The Montreal Children’s Library has been supporting me since I arrived in Montreal in 2002. For the past 10 years I have been performing shows in the library, and as part of their annual Cabot Square Music series during the summer. Continue reading

Magical Montreal Summers and Mummies List – Another Official Sponsor

For the past 4 summers I have been part of an amazing program put on by mummieslist  Montreal- called “Music in the Park.”  It is a 10 week program that features dozens of different music/dance/movement classes in parks all over Montreal, all summer long. Continue reading

Montreal Families – Ask and you shall receive!

When I decided to record an album I didn’t realize that I would be playing so many roles- songwriter, producer, arranger, organizer, accountant, promoter, grant writer, blogger, and the list goes on!!!  So as you can imagine, I need HELP!!!  Continue reading

Rialto Theatre – CD Launch!


Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well CD Launch!
Sunday, September 30th at 11 a.m. at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal Tickets go on sale in August!  Stay tuned for more details.

Calling Tony Bennet’s Manager!

I’ve always dreamed big and challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone.  When it comes to something I truly believe in, I will go all out, 100%, full guns blazing.  And for this project, I have pulled out all the stops. Continue reading

Finding the musicians!

An album is only as good as the players who play on it.  Way back in 1997 I attended a jazz vocal workshop at the Banff Center for the Arts.  It was facilitated by jazz legends Sheila Jordan (once married to Charlie Parker) and Jay Clayton. Continue reading

Finding the Recording Studio

One of the most important parts of recording an album is finding the right studio.  I had recorded at Studio Piccolo back in 2003 when I recorded my first album “Songs for You” and had had an amazing experience.  Continue reading

Photo shoot in Toronto

One thing about being a musician today, is you have to do a lot more than just write songs and practice your craft.  The key is to be savvy about business and marketing, while still remaining true to yourself and your art.

Since I was going to record a new album, I decided to update my press photos.  My friend and fellow singer/songwriter extraordinaire Kirsten Jones, had taken some phenomenal pictures with a photographer in Toronto named Emma-Lee, so I decided to do a photo shoot with her.  Continue reading

Receiving Funding!

The seed of my second album had been planted years before, and there was a moment in August 2010 when I knew it was time to take action. There was a FACTOR deadline coming up and I made the commitment to submit an application for the “sound recording” loan. Continue reading


I am now beginning a series of blog posts that will document and bring you along on the journey of the recording of my new album- culminating with the CD launch on September 30, 2012!!! Continue reading

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